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Free Network Initiatives from different parts of Europe meet to share expieriences and to discuss about collective projects and visions. Another focus will be recent developements in mesh routing protocolls. Developers of several Projects will report about the latest research findings and encourage discussion. 15th - 16th September 2007, 14-22h

if there are attendees that don't speak fluent german the lectures will be held in english.

scheduled Program (WIP!)

Fr, 14.9

  • day of arrival, informal evening round

Sa, 15.9

  • 14h: Opening, overview of programm + ressources
  • 14:30h: presentation of initiatives
  • 15:00h: YTECHNET, voip+net project Cameroon

  • 16h: authenticating IP addresses, IPSec-AH (otti/friedl/equinox?)
  • 17-21h: Routing Protocolls
    • o BATMAN: Axel Neumann
    • o OLSR: Aaron Kaplan, Hannes Gredler
    • o NETSUKUKU: Freaknet (tb
  • 21:30h: Lecture/Discussion Armin Medosch
    • o 100 years wireless hacking
    • o beyond connectivity
  • ~23h: GeburtstagspartyArmin (confirmed: DJ Karl Amok, DJ B.L.O, DJ Armin)

Food will be available afternoon time (LabFutter)

So, 16.9

  • 11-14h: breakfast, informal discussions
  • 14-17h: Hands on Workshops: BATMAN, IPSec-AH
  • 17-19h open slot (solar,housing?)
  • 19-?: chill out

starting ~16h there will be food (LabFutter)